The principal HTCC6 target audiences are, apparently, ambitious structural biologists in the formative phases of their careers (PhD students, postdocs and researchers in the early stages of their autonomous careers). Nevertheless, both biocrystallographers and researchers in in silico simulations dealing with biomacromolecular systems at just any point in their career, who want to improve their knowledge, learn about new developments, slightly change the direction of their research and hence explore the possibilities, are also very welcome, and will take advantage of the workshop. In particular, the workshop might be an excellent kick-off for chemical (small molecule) crystallographers switching to the macromolecular world.

Finally, we also count on researchers from the domains of (bio)chemistry, (bio)physics, biology, and life sciences from both industry and academia, who appreciate and know how to take advantage of the structural studies, and want to spice up their research with an additional hint of interdisciplinarity, or learn what’s new in the dynamic world of macromolecular structural research.

In conclusion, HTCC6 (as all other HTCCs) is absolutely dedicated to life long learning. Organizing committee of the HTCC6 will provide a subtle setting for ideas exchange, mutual learning and multilateral transfer of knowledge among the participants. If you can recognize yourself in this description, we would be delighted to welcome you aboard HTCC6.