We look forward to meeting you in Dubrovnik for the HTCC meeting in April. Please bring proteins and a plate containing crystals to participate in the rMMS microseeding workshop. Everything else including plates and screens will be provided.

MMS microseeding can generate new crystals in different conditions. It is ideal if you have crystals that:

  • Don’t diffract
  • Are difficult to optimize
  • Require a different morphology or space group.

The technique is also useful if you have crystals of a related protein. Cross seeding is becoming routine and can be used as long as there is some homology between the protein and the seed crystals. Cross-seeding is great for:

Seeding into complexes

  • Seleno methylamine or heavy atom derivatives
  • Seeding into Different constructs or species 

Students who bring crystals and protein will make a seed stock and set up MMS experiments with MMS workshop tutor Patrick Shaw Stewart. If you are unable to bring crystals and protein, you will still benefit from the workshop and learn about MMS techniques with a test protein.

To help us maximize the chances of good results with MMS please fill out the questionnaire below.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Patrick Shaw Stewart