Paulyna Magaña

AlphaFold DB Bioinformatician,
Protein Databank in Europe 

HT4: Databases

L3 (Lecture) & T3 (Tutorial): AlphaFold Database: A Powerful Tool for Accelerating Scientific Research

AlphaFold has been shown to predict protein structures with high accuracy, rivalling or even surpassing experimental methods. The AlphaFold Protein Structure Database (AlphaFold DB), a collaboration between DeepMind and EMBL-EBI, enables free and open access to over 200 million protein structure predictions by AlphaFold. This includes nearly all catalogued proteins known to science.

Explore stories of AlphaFold’s impact:

This presentation will provide an overview of the AlphaFold Database, including its background, how to access the predicted structures, how to interpret the data, and current developments. It will also highlight how the AlphaFold Database can be used to generate new hypotheses for testing, using specific case studies and hands-on examples.