Areej Abuhammad
School of Pharmacy, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

HT1: Crystallization

L2: Mastering Protein Crystallization: Proven Tips and Tricks for Success


Navigating the complexities of protein crystallization can be daunting, given its historically empirical nature. Although the traditional methods often involve selecting crystallization agents through trial-and-error, the results can vary drastically. From non-diffracting large crystals to the often-disheartening absence of crystallization, the challenges are manifold. Various factors, such as pH, ionic strength, temperature, and the choice of additives, play pivotal roles in influencing the outcomes. Additionally, the significance of the protein construct, often overlooked, is paramount. Drawing from extensive experience in the field, this presentation will shift the spotlight onto actionable tips and tricks. These practical insights will guide attendees in harnessing the multitude of factors impacting protein crystallization, empowering them to achieve more predictable and successful outcomes.