“Processing” topic will extend over 7.5 working hours, taking an entire HTCC6 day. This time, well spent, shall be filled with theoretical background lectures and not less than five interactive sessions in which student will have an opportunity to go, hands-on, through an entire process of data processing by the ultimate macromolecular crystallography software suite CCP4, which provides solutions for all stages of structure determination, from image processing to validation and deposition. The workshop will include lectures and practical courses on structure solution (phasing, density improvement, model building), ligand fitting and refinement with CCP4 Software Suite. They will be focussed on using the latest CCP4 front-end: CCP4 Cloud, and exploit technologies that revolutionised the field in last year: structure prediction with AlphaFold-2.

Lectures and tutorials will be run by the leading experts from academia and UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (developpers of CCP4 suite).